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Why CHIHK ?!


We are ready for all popular social platform in China & HK.
Voice out your shop to everyone on social platforms and make awareness.

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CHIHK care all customers’ need

Loyralty is the KING

Points & Redemption

Daily check-in, sharing & tasks earning points and redeem gifts & product.s


Word of Mouth. Customers as spokesman present your brand and product earning commission and referral fee.

All Payment Accepted

Accept mobile payment such as Alipay, Wechat Pay, Visa, Master, American Express and so on. And serve different countries..

Discount & Coupon

Discount codes and Coupon stimulate your sales and impress customers deeply.

Group Buy

New mode of sales strategy. Gernerate volumn orders and make customer a happy shopping experience.

Customer's Favourite

Store list of customer’s favorite products for future purchase or comparison. Also an index of vendor’s soucing.

Work from home
24×7 business always running.
Meet your customers from Hong Kong, China and all around the world.

Fancy backend user interface

Simple dashboard manage sales and orders easily
Clear products stock level
Member database make money come.


NO high rent
NO staff, we use social network
NO opening hour
NO business boundaries
China business ready!

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  • Integrated in Weixin

    100M Chinese using Wechat

  • Product find in Wechat

    SEO is available in Wechat

  • Fans economy

    Fans make your business big

  • Customize design

    Easy to customise layout for branding

  • Referral program

    Built-in attractive affiliate program

  • Easy promotion

    Coupons and discounts deliver to fan in 1 click

Payment Gateways Ready

Our website and mini program integrated different payment gateways.

We accept: VISA card
American Express
WeChat Pay (HK & China)

Fulfill customers from anywhere

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